Aluminum Fabrication

True Step provides aluminum fabricating services primarily for customers in the warehouse construction industry.

Workers assembling grip strut treads on aluminum dock stair
Team members reviewing blueprint

Why Choose Us

True Step dock stairs are the highest quality, most durable solution available. They are constructed of structural aluminum, with handrails and guards, and ruggedly grated treads for extra safety. Key attributes of our patented dock stairs include:

  • All Weather
  • Simplicity
  • Predictable Cost
  • Ease of install
  • Aluminum Build
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Maintenance-Free

What our clients Say

“For the past 7 years the Cincinnati office has been installing aluminum dock stairs – manufactured just north of Cincinnati in Lebanon, OH. We have had good success with these stairs – no maintenance, no issues with salt (ice melt), easy to assemble, etc. I have worked with the owner over the years to improve the stairs – to the point where they now manufacture a bolt together stair that can be shipped throughout the US.”

Mark Jacob, VP of Construction,
IDI Logistics


Our warehouse loading dock stair system is shipped directly to you for easy installation. The following is a list of standards and specifications for our products.

View of rail joining at the corner at the top of a staircase


  • Structural grade aluminum alloys are cut, bent, and TIG welded together
  • Grab assist rails are 1 1/4″ aluminum pipe meticulously bent and sanded to give the necessary support while also offering protection from all sharp edges or protrusions
  • TIG welded guard rails assembled with stainless steel bolts and rivets
  • Aluminum components and stainless steel bolts eliminate pitting, oxidation, and corrosion
Wide left view of Aluminum dockstair and bollards installed at exterior man-door


  • Standard stair treads are 5′-0″ wide and landing is 60″ x 5′-2″
  • Specialty landing and tread sizes are available upon request
  • Commercial finish quality and meet IBC & ASCE 7 engineering requirements
  • Five different grating options to meet 1″ sphere code, 1/2″ sphere code, and 5/16″ sphere code
  • Three different grating designs for a variety of looks, levels of traction, and accessibility
Fabricator welding aluminum railing


  • Structural welding (AWS D1.1/D1.1M)
  • TIG welding on all exposed pieces, joints, and connections
  • Full penetration MIG welding on all structural and framing joints and connections
  • Aluminum and aluminum-alloy extruded bars, rods, wire, profiles, and tubes
Worker handling aluminum railing components

Safety & Compliance

  • All material and products pass the most stringent engineering standards and testing prior to customer use
  • All stairs and railings comply with ADA, ANSI, and local, state, and federal regulations and codes
  • Installation using stainless steel, concrete screw anchors for maximum stability and longevity
  • Supports a uniform live load of 100 lb./sq. ft. and a concentrated load of 300 lb. on an area of 4 square inches, with deflection of stringer or landing framing not to exceed 1/180 of span

Warehouse dock stairs done right.

Take care of your industrial space by ordering the right warehouse dock stairs for the job whether for new construction or to replace existing rusted or damaged stairs.